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Sustainability is an ongoing approach and linked to everything we do. We always strive for sustainable development intending to save conduct an environment-friendly approach while performing testing at our plants. The performances are continually monitored, reviewed, and operated based on our best experiences of transparent sustainable development.

Our “Sustainability Policy” leads us to our targeted business growth with social accountability by adhering to the following principles:

  • Remain as “best among the best” agencies within a similar area of operations.
  • Ensuring total compliance with statutory rules & regulations at any cost while focusing on the core of our growth strategy.
  • Educate our valued customers on the importance of such regulations.
  • Continuously monitor & ensuring Zero discharge of pollutant/wash water to the city drainage system or to the ambient air to attain near-zero impact to the environment during testing of cylinders, tanks, etc. at our plant locations.
  • Conserve bio-diversity within our limit by planting a tree sapling at every opportunity.
  • Building healthy relations with each of our employees and clientele through discussion and awareness of taking initiatives to deploy and nurture environment-friendly technologies and work practices.