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CNG Cylinder Testing
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H2 Cylinder Testing
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Cylinder Valve Testing
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Cylinder Wall Thickness
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Ultrasonic Flaw Check
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Internal Inspection with Boroscopic
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Hydrostatic Stretch Test
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Pr. Vessel Testing
Pr. Vessel Internal Inspection

Statutory testing pf Pr. vessel (Above ground, Underground, Mounded) & SRV’s of static & mobile pressure vessels.

Testing of CNG & H2 gas cylinders at location: Indore, Agartala, Kolkata (Proposed)

Our Achievements

SMPV(U) 2016

Pr. Vessels: Tested over 400 LPG, Propane, O2, CO2, H2, N2, Ar & other gas services.

SRV’s : Over 3000 SRV’s mounted on all types of Pr. Vessels.

Defect Detection : Detected critical defect of over 10 LPG storage tanks resulted in major repairs and also rejection in few cases.

Based on our submission, the PESO has acknowledged and granted us the permission to test CNG & h2 Cylinders through “NON-Jacket” Method.


CNG Cylinders : Tested over 80000 CNG cylinders

H2 Cylinders : Tested over 11000 H2 Cylinders.

Defect Detection: Detected manufacturing defect of over 250 CNG cylinders resulted in rejection, thus possibly saved over 1000 human lives.

Detected serious manufacturing defect in all 100% imported CNG cylinder valves (manual & SOCV).

Based on our presentation at Pune the MED-16 committee has acknowledge the “In-Built” serious safety hazards attached to every imported CNG Cylinder valves (both SOCV and Manual Operated) being fitted with automobiles in India. So, were asked the suppliers to adhere to Indian Standards.