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Our company (Teesta Petrotech Pvt. Ltd.) hereby clarify that:

The sole objective of this endeavor is to educate and create awareness among H2 cylinder owner/users, CNG vehicle owners/users in respect to the importance & necessity of statutory testing of CNG, H2 cylinders. Pressure vessels and possible public safety hazards may occur if such testing is not done within the scheduled time limit.

Accordingly, all data, content in any “online certificate” stated in any part of our website or in any of our communications are obtained from the public domain/citizen charter of peso.gov.in portal. Hence, our company shall not be responsible for any consequences or any liabilities or any accountabilities, etc. in any form whatsoever.

We also shall not be responsible or accountable in any form whatsoever for authenticities of data contains in any of certificates NOT available through online portal, but copy/copies received by us through WhatsApp or from CNG vehicle owners or from any other sources and shared in any part of our website.

However, we further clarify that our liabilities (if any) shall strictly be limited to make a “statement of clarification” on our part and refund of exactly the same amount if paid by any individual or any organization to us through bank only, and we shall not be responsible for any other financial or any other damages to any individual or organization, etc. in any form what so ever.